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The science behind it all.

We design innovative, effective products that begin working at a cellular level, so you can feel beautifully healthy in body and mind in every stage of life.

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Women are intelligent, multi-tasking, fierce individualswho deserve agile products. So, we made some.

Our Process

Setting a new quality standard

Our manufacturing process is of the highest quality; establishing a unique precedent for the production of both raw materials and finished goods.

Our raw materials are tested for

Purity, potency & identityThe presence of heavy metalsMicrobiological agentsThe uniformity of mix

Our finished goods are tested for

Purity, potency & identityThe presence of heavy metalsMicrobiological agentsDissolution & stability

Our Ingredients

Branded ingredients for better results

We source the best ingredients from the top suppliers, period. Taking the cheaper, faster route to finding what your body needs to thrive was never an option. Our team of in-house scientists chooses to work with branded, patented and trademarked ingredients to ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of our products.

Of our portfolio of branded ingredients, there are 3 that stand out with multiple published human clinical studies: Matrixyl ® Synthé 6 ®, Cynatine ® HNS and Verisol ®.

Our Difference

We're not in the business of making vague claims without the science to back it up.

We’ve put in the work to create products you’ll love.While following proper manufacturing practices is vital, we don’t stop there. In order for a product to produce the benefits you’re looking for, it must contain the correct dosage of just the right nutrients. That’s why we make it our business to only use clinically relevant dosages of the appropriate ingredients to assure lasting benefits.

We’ve done the research, too.Our performance research comes in the form of published human clinical studies, proving time and again that our ingredients are effective for the purpose intended, in the specific doses we’ve chosen to use. So, when we say that the efficacy of our doses are high, it’s the bold truth.

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Here's what you can expect from us...

Award Winning Products

Clinically Studied Ingredients

Trademarked Ingredients

3rd Party Lab Testing