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Reserveage community story featuring Linda, her experience with Reserveage products & self-care tips.

Jul 30, 2021

1. How do you define beauty?

Exquisite Self Confidence - Let your light shine!  Be healthy, be bright, be functionally involved.  Spread joy.


2. When you think of a person who embodies both inner & outer beauty, who comes to mind? Why?

My mother - A selfless, strong woman, a warrior for causes and a natural beauty.


3. What makes you feel beautiful? (You can describe an experience, a product, a person, a feeling… anything at all!)

Morning light, wind in my hair, a joyful song, a grateful heart.  Quiet grace.


4. What is a piece of beauty advice that you would give to your younger self?

Smile more, worry less and show kindness to everyone you meet.  And wear sunscreen or a hat!


5. Tell us, what is your current #1 outer beauty tip? Your current #1 inner beauty tip?

Illuminating sunscreen, makes me glow.  Drink lots of water, take collagen, eat your greens. 


6. Last but not least, what are your favorite Reserveage products?

Collagen Replenish Powder in Strawberry Hibiscus, Collagen Candy in Sour Apple. Resveratrol Tonic or Chews.