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Hair Care Tips for All Types of Hair

Whether your hair is wavy, straight, curly, oily, or dry, we have the right hair care tips to help. Read now.


Gene Bruno

Jul 30, 2021

No matter what kind of hair you have – curly, wavy, straight, oily, dry, short, or long – some hair care tips remain the same for all hair types, while others may differ. For example, if you are someone with curly hair, it is natural for you to use a lot of conditioner. On the contrary, straight hair can do well with comparatively less conditioner. 

How to select the perfect shampoo

Make sure to choose a shampoo that’s devoid of any parabens and sulfates. When you turn the bottle over, check for the ingredients that your shampoo contains. If it says Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any of its other sulfate buddies, toss it away. This can lead to dry hair and an itchy and flaky scalp.

Although sulfates can help you get rid of the build-up in your hair, it strips off the natural oils, leaving the scalp rough and dry.

And remember, shampoos are meant for the scalp, not for the ends. So, focus on the scalp and massage well – don’t rub your hair vigorously, and skip applying shampoo on your ends. This way, when you’re rinsing your shampoo-ed hair, the ends get cleaned anyway.

A golden tip: Try diluting the shampoo a bit with water and watch how just a few drops of shampoo are plenty for your scalp.

Never ever miss out on the conditioner!

Whether your hair is straight, curly, permed, colored, or bleached – never ever let them be away from conditioners!

Conditioners restore the moisture in your hair while nourishing them with all the goodness and love your hair needs. Try not to focus the conditioner on your scalp; rather, apply from the mid-length till the end and let it sit for at least five to seven minutes. You can even comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to ensure your conditioner is evenly distributed before rinsing it off thoroughly.

Here’s a good method: Apply the conditioner from the mid-length till the ends, and let your shampoo cleanse the scalp.

Opt for a conditioner that’s free of silicone. A silicone molecule is quite big for your cuticles to absorb, and it tends to form a layer on your hairs that may weigh them down.

But this depends on your hair type. If your hair is dry or coarse, the chances are that a conditioner that contains silicone may help you de-frizz and tame it. In the case of thin hair, silicone may weigh your hair down, making it greasy and oily. Also, in the long run, a silicone-laden conditioner may make your hair vulnerable to breakage – it’s insoluble in water, and rinsing it off completely is difficult.

Is your current conditioner silicone-free? Flip the bottle and check whether it contains any ingredients that end in -cone.

Wash hair with lukewarm water

Hot showers are, without a doubt, soothing and relaxing. But they cause more bad than good. Furthermore, hot water can strip the essential oils off your hair, making it coarse, brittle and dull.

Run your hair through lukewarm water – it will help open the hair cuticles and allow your shampoo to penetrate deeper and get rid of the dirt that has built up. This will also aid the conditioner in keeping your hair moisturized and nourished.

Keep the towel for your body, not hair!

Rubbing your hair aggressively with a towel leads to frizz! This is due to the friction caused between the hair and the towel. Instead, try squeezing the excess water and let it dry off with an old t-shirt. And, before you use your favorite styling tool, make sure your hair is at least 70% dry. And, if you’re planning to style your hair with a straightener or curler, make sure they are completely dry. This way, you protect your hair from going all frizzy and helping it to be less prone to damage.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

Invest in a silk pillow; trust us, your hair will thank you!

Cotton pillowcases cause your hair to grow frizzy, especially for curly and wavy hair that’s prone to damage and breakage. Moreover, cotton pillowcases tend to absorb your overnight hair care products and strip your hair off its natural oils.

Satin or silk pillowcases may help you get the beauty sleep without causing friction even when you’re tossing and turning. They even help reduce breakage and keep your hair from looking dull, dry and worn out.

Deep condition, regularly!

At least once a week, nourishing your hair with a deep conditioner will ensure your hair is happy and healthy. Hair of all types will benefit from deep conditioning.

Deep conditioners are designed with ingredients to hydrate and soften hair damage caused by chemical processing, like perming, bleaching, and hair dyeing. In case your hair is exposed to a lot of heat – especially if you’re someone who uses heating tools regularly – deep conditioning is a must!

The best way to ensure your hair is getting all the benefits of a deep conditioner is to -

  • Apply it directly on your hair – don’t soak it in water first – let your hair get all the deep conditioning goodness without diluting it.

  • Use a generous amount and make sure all your hair is covered.

  • Try a hot towel treatment – after you’re done applying the conditioner, use a towel that’s soaked in warm water to cover your hair for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it off – this way, you’re ensuring that it penetrates well and receives all the required care.

While buying your next deep conditioner, lookout for at least one of these ingredients –

  • Rosehip

  • Almond

  • Aloe vera

  • Argan

  • Coconut

If you wish to go all-natural, follow the checklist mentioned above with 100% organic oil.

Trim your hair regularly

Visit your hairdresser at least once every 6-8 weeks to make sure your hair is always in top condition. You may indeed love long hair, but if the growth isn’t healthy, there’ll be more harm than good.

Trimming your hair at least once in a while will make sure there are no split ends. Even if you don’t have a split-end problem, cutting your hair occasionally will keep your hair healthy.

Styling your hair

We all are guilty of using heat styling products. If your hair is curly, and you’re looking for straight hair and you go for that straightener; and if your hair is straight, you’d definitely love to go all curly and wild with a curling iron.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your beloved heating tools. But, rather, it’s better that you use them sparingly. Frequent usage of styling products may lead to hair damage, breakage and hair loss. So, try using heat protectants like heat sprays, mousses, etc., before heat-styling your hair. If you’re someone with curly hair, heat protection is a must!

Some quick hair tips:

  • Use a dry shampoo if your hair is very greasy.

  • Wash your hair twice or thrice a week, and not more than that, to keep the natural oils intact.

  • Try using aloe vera gel as a leave-in for a natural shine.

  • Finish your styling with hairspray to ensure your hair remains the same for a longer time.

  • Clean your hairbrushes with a baby shampoo regularly.

We hope these tips help you! And, don’t forget to eat healthy superfoods – because beauty comes from within!